Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lots of cookies!!

I haven't been able to get on here for a few days.  My internet connection here at work is soooooooo sssllooowww.   
But, here is where we are.  We are trying again.  I started clomid this past Tuesday.  So, today will day 3 of it.  Since my Drs appt was late Tuesday, I didn't get the clomid until Tuesday night.  So, my schedule taking it, is night time.  Not good.  It causes a bit of insomnia.  Sleeping?  Whats that?  I usually have not problem sleeping.  I love a good nights sleep, and then a nap about 1/2 way through the day.  Now?  I would love to sleep.  Haha.  NOt happening.
So, my appt.  I talked to Dr C.  He said it looks like our timing is just off.  Even with the scan and OPKs.  Also, he changed my progesterone supplement.  I will stay on the oral progesterone.  And, will add Crinone to the mix.  Crinone is a vaginally inserted gel.    So, that should be fun times.  LOL 
I went and saw Gregg after my appt.  Even he is ancy on whats going on.  He was asking me what the Dr said.  I told him he was putting me on a mixture of meds that should me a <sarcasm here> super fun person.  LOL  He said that cost extra.  Hahaha.

I really hope it works this time.  I am getting frustrated, and I am sure my IFs are super frustrated.   Dr C said not to stress.  This last cycle was good.  We are ovulating.  But, this time, I have swore off HPTs until 14dpt.  (days post trigger).  Once I decided I was done testing, I could feel the stress go away.  So, no more.  Of course I say that now, and with in a few weeks I will be dying to test.  Hahaha.


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