Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vacation planning!

All is quiet here.  Havn't killed or set fire to anyone yet.  LOL  Of course, the thought has crossed my mind.  :)  The clomid train is almost done.  Today is my last pill.  THANK GOD!!   I would probably be divorced and homeless if not.  :)  The 30th is when we get going.  I have a US that day and if my follicles are a good size, we will trigger then, and do IUIs the next 2 days.   If not, then we have bigger problems.  My IFs have stuff going on with work around that time, so its been a pain to plan this.  No stress though.  That will only delay ovulation.
This month has to work.  I will be in Mexico next month right around ovulation.  Although, I haven't really talked about how many times we want to try.  We had a set # in the contract, that I didn't think we would even need.  Now that we have hit it, we should probably decide what to do.  Hopefully we get pregnant though and the conversation is not needed.

Planning our Sept vacation.  We always do something the first/2nd week of Sept.  Alexs' and my Bday are the 7th and the 11th.  So, we usually try and plan some sort of trip.   Karlie's (my first TS) gave me a week in their time share in Cabo/Cancun.  This was when I had her, so its been a bit.  Well, air fare is expensive so we have never got around to using it.  Well, they told me they could sell it and just give me the cash to do with it what I wanted.  So, I said sure.  I ended up booking us a cruise with the $$.  None of us had ever been on a cruise before.  So, Gregg, Alex and I set sail last Sept for Mexico.  We had fun, decided thought that we are not really cruise people.  We like to explore, and thats kind of hard when you are shacked up on a boat.  LOL 
So, now this Sept.  We got a nice amount back from taxes.  I told Gregg that I would give him the $$ for racing Baja in Nov.  (Racing the Baja 1000 in Nov costs us a average of 10k.  This is just for one race.  So, we try and do many fundraisers and major saving throughout the year.)  So, I told him I would give him $$  towards the race, and anything over that amount we would use on our trip.  So, when I went to the accountants office, I was pleasantly suprised.  :)  We were trying to decide what to do.  Florida/Disney world, Hawaii, Cabo, Bahamas, etc....  If I ever get pregnant, we are going to Paris afterwards.  I have promised Alex a Paris trip to Euro Disney.  But, I have to get pregnant first.  So, needless to say, I would love to go back to Europe, but I can't afford that, so our vacation couldn't be too extensive.  LOL.....

So, I have been pricing trips.  Alex has been talking about going to Hawaii forever.  She just did a project at school on Mount Kailuea.  (sp?)  The volcano that constantly is spewing lava.  So, it looks like we are going to Hawaii to see it.  We are going to Kona/Hilo.  I have found some great prices on packages.  We are super excited!!

oh, and these hot flashes from the clomid are out of control.  Haha.  Getting ready for work this morning at 330am, and I had sweat pouring off me.  LOL

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