Friday, April 27, 2012

Its just about that time again.

Yes, I am still here.  I keep checking on everyone elses blogs, but haven't felt much to update mine.  Feeling a little down about all of this.  Trying to be positive.   I have all my meds ready.  I got my trigger shot a few days ago.  Picked up the rest of the Crinone today.  Will eventually have to pick up more prometrium, but ok for now.  I also went and picked up a syringe from the Drs office today.  Yikes!

Had a follicle check this morning.  Had 2 follicles, 1 was a 19 and the other a 16 or 17.  Wow!  We are on CD13.  Last cycle, I had a scan on CD14, 2 follicles, size 15s.  So, we are ahead of schedule this month.  I wonder if its because its another medicated cycle on top of last month?  I don't know.  I am praying I don't surge tomorrow.  I have requested my IF to be here on Sunday.  If I surge tomorrow, I will trigger tomorrow.  Then do a home insem on Sunday and IUI on Tuesday.   Hopefully , I don't.  If all goes as planned, I will trigger for sure on Sunday, with IUIs on Mon-Tues.  I already made the appts for them both.  It makes it so much easier when I know when the appts will be.  Instead of trying to call the morning of, and plead and beg for a certain time.  (if I work). 

So, thats where we are.  I work this weekend, and then hopefully work just chills for the next few weeks. 
Will let you know what happens.


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