Saturday, April 28, 2012

Get in , Sit down, Shut up , and hold on.......

So, I don't know if I updated yesterday.  LOL  I had my follicle check yesterday.  I had 2 follicles.  1 was 19 and the other was 16 or 17.  Wow.  Way ahead of schedule this month.
I have tested twice today with my OPKs and it was neg.  But, close.  I am hoping to wait out until tomorrow.  Really crampy.  Will test again here in a bit. 

So, I am a bit of a control freak.  I like things to go as planned.  But, I have no problem just packing up at the spur of the moment and doing stuff.  But, I have only child syndrome, and like things MY way.  Hahaha  Which is super hard to do when you are working with IPs that have to travel.  So, my IFs were procrastinating booking their flight earlier this cycle.  Which was frustrating me.  Then my IF, C, wanted me to get in for a follicle check on Friday instead of this Monday when I had a appt already.  So, I was getting irked.  Well, eat my words.  Haha  Good thing these guys are here to kick my butt into gear.  LOL  Good thing I went in Friday, since we are so far ahead.  And, good thing they didn't book their flight.  Because I need them here tomorrow and not Monday.    I just have to remember to let go and what will be, will be. 

So, here we are again.  I think that might of been what happened last month.  We triggered and did the first IUI, when my follicles would of been 18.  I know thats do able.  But, maybe not for me.  Maybe thats why it didn't stick.  The egg wasn't mature enough yet.  We will def be on the mature side this cycle.
I don't know.  Sounds good though.  :)


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greatdana said...

I hope this one is golden for you and your IFs!