Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Round 2 today

 I ended up triggering at 2pm on Sunday.  I did the shot myself.  Wasn't  to bad.  The needle they gave me was small.  Way easier to use than the big syringes for IVF.  I didn't even bruise myself.  LOL 

Went in for my IUI yesterday.  The Dr was super excited about everything.  He said my 2 follicles looked amazing.  And, since I had one on both sides it was better than having them on the same side, like last month.   Did the IUI with no problems.  C's # were great as usual.  His prewash was 124 million.  They didn't list the post wash #s.  But, motility was 90% pre and 75% post.  So, hopefully he brings his super swimmers again today.  :)

I am pretty mellow about this go around.  I am not trying to find luck in every corner.  I think I have just gotten to the point that if its going to work, it will work.  No matter how many pennies I wish on, shooting stars I catch, dandelions I blow.  What will be, will be. 

I start the Crinone and prometrium tomorrow.  Kind of nervous about that.  Well, that and I have heard bad stories about how messy the Crinone is.  But, if this works, then I don't care.  Just handle it.

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JJ said...

I got to that point too and sometimes chilling and leaving it to fate is exactly why it works.

Keeping everything crossed for you!