Friday, July 6, 2012

Being the "other" surrogate?

So, this post may sound kind of strange.  LOL  I know, nothing new.  I have been in the surrogacy world for 10 years now.  A little over 10 years, as my 1st GS baby will be 10 this Oct. 
I have talked to MANY IPs.  MANY.  Some I loved, some were deleted right away.  LOL
I have had the opportunity to work with a handful of amazing IPs. 

But, what happens to the previous surrogate when the IPs start working with another surro?  Its kind of a weird feeling.  Its almost as if you are the X girlfriend of some guy, and now he has a new girlfriend.  No longer do you have that chatty connection.  Which is what I think is the hardest, no matter what kind of relationship comes to a end.  It just seems to kind of go Poof!  Gone!  I am happy these IPs have gone on to keep with their dreams.  I know I am not the only TS on the planet.  Although, my only child mentality sometimes lets me believe that.  HAHA!! 

I don't know what I am rambling about.  Just a weird set of feelings.  LOL  Hey, I am all sorts of pregnancy hormonal!!  LOL


JJ said...

Oh I totally know what you're saying.

I had those feelings when my first IPs dumped me and hooked up with another surro - stupid me followed her blog, which she didn't know I was doing and a whole lot of things came out and feelings surfaced. Ugh!


Sarah said...

I know that would be hard for anyone to deal with. I am thankful that I was never put in this position. But threads like that will make you think, then you relate yourself to them somehow....then you get upset too! HORMONES, I get it! Hope all is well. Lunch anytime! Let me know.