Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Its a .............

My IF, C, was here this past friday.  We had a great appt.  Our appt was with my reg OB, not the CNM.  He is a pro at US'.  LOL  He started the US, and you can see the baby moving all over the place.  Squirming around.  Little fingers, toes, arms, legs.......  C was suppose to be recording the US on his phone for W, who was at home.  So, my OB and C were in a conversation about military and Fire depts.  LOL  I kept saying, "hey, aren't you suppose to be recording?"  I am sure you can here me nagging on him throughout the video.  I figure if we didn't get a good video, W, would be pissed.  LOL 

But, baby looks great!  Was actually measuring a few days ahead.  Which is good.  Spine looks great!!  All is well.  Dr P has a great track record with seeing gender early.  And, baby was all to happy to show it off.  :)  So, he moved the wand over and I swore I saw girl parts.  I am very good with girl parts.  Since I have had 4.  LOL  He moved it a bit more, and I said, Ok, maybe I am wrong.  LOL  After the US was done, Dr P was typing the info into his laptop.  We already had a plan, that if he could tell, he wasn't to say anything.  That I would write it down on a piece of paper and give it to the guys to open at the same time.  :)

So, I walked over to Dr P, and saw MALE on his screen.  I pointed at it, and said, Really?  And, he said, yep!  So, here I am again.  IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!  The guys couldn't be more excited!!!!

Still fighting the nausea.  Which I would of swore I was carrying a girl.   But, nope, this little boy will be a handful when he gets here.  LOL

Crazy dreams kind of peetered off for a while.  But, are now back.  Dang the last 2 nights and brought some really STRANGE dreams.  LOL  Ones where you wake up and wonder, WTH?



JJ said...

Yaaay for a blue bundle! How cool that you saw so early too.

Glad all is well, apart from the nausea (I feel ya!) and the crazy dreams (again, I feel ya!) but hope that you're feeling pretty good overal.


Babydreams2011 said...

YAY for little boys!! Sorry the nausea is still getting you though :(

Millie said...

I have to say that you do make awesome little boys! Congrats to all of you.