Saturday, October 13, 2012

Good times!

Had a my Drs appt scheduled for this last Wed.  Got a great suprise too! 
Was having lunch with my IF, W.  We were sitting there talking, and the waitress had asked us if we wanted appetizers.  Told her no, and tried to keep talking.  Not a minute later, I hear a mans voice to my right asking us if we wanted to order any appetizers.  I turned , truly irratated that we were being bothered once again to see my other IF, C, standing there.  It took me a minute to realize it was him because I thought it was another waiter.  LOL  Was so suprised and very excited!!  I had both of them at the same exact time.  I couldn't of asked for more.

Walked around the mall drooling on a new pair of Uggs.  LOL  Then headed over to the Drs appt.  We had the NP this time.  Whom is awesome!  She takes her time and shows you everything on the US.  My normal Dr is usually running behind and tried to get through the appt fast because he has the pregnant women piling up fast.  LOL  But, Nancy took her time and showed the guys everything on this little man.  She took a ton of pictures to give them.  Very exciting.  The little guy shows to be about 1lb 9 oz right now.  He loves to suck on his hands.  Had them in his mouth most of the time.  Was very cool!  Everything is right on target.  Of course, my weight is up 4 more lbs in the last month.  Bleep Bleepity Bleep!  LOL  I can't blame it on the kid.  LOL

Almost to the 3rd timester!  Can't even believe we are almost there.  Time really has been going fast.  3 more months and he will be here.  My guess is the 13th!!  Which is 3 months exactly from today.  Today also marks Miss Percys 10th Bday!!  This is my oldest surro babe.  10 years!  Dang!  Where has the time gone?  Hopefully I get to see her tomorrow.    I was thinking about having this little guy on the 13th.  Miss Karlie was also born on the 13th.  So, 13th it is!!  :)

We are doing pretty good here.  Alex is doing good.  Playing soccer 3xs a week.  Tried practicing with her on thursday.  (not like running down the field, just kicking the ball back and forth)  Ya, I paid for it that night.  Could barely walk.  LOL  Gregg was laughing at me.  Said I looked like a old lady.  Pregnant?  Who me?  LOL

Gregg is getting ready to head down to Mexico for our big race.  Or I should say His big race.  Boooo!  When I first started trying to do this surrogacy, my plan was to be delivered by the time this race started to I wouldn't miss the race.  I am one of the drivers of the race truck.  And, one of the very few women out there racing.  So, its a pretty big deal.  But, we know how plans go.  Right out the window.   Although, he has had some people who were suppose to help pit, back out.  I told him I could talk to the guys and see if I could go help.  But, I would only be shuttling people around.  I wouldn't be of much help for anything else.  He told me No.  Because i wouldn't listen and would be trying to do stuff I wasn't suppose to do.  LOL  This conversation took place the day before kicking the ball with Alex.  When I was in pain the next day don't think I didn't get the big, "I told you so!"  LOL  I am secretly hoping that too many people back out.  LOL  I told him to just postpone racing this race, and we will run the 250 in Feb.  That way I will be able to drive my portion.  He is deciding.  :)

Hope everyone is doing well!  I haven't posted much as there generally isn't to much to post.  Which is good.  My baby boy is growing well and that is what we are working towards!  :)

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