Monday, November 12, 2012

Babies, babies, babies.....

3 of the blogs I follow have had babies.  Crazy to think already.  All of them early, but still they are here.  We turned 30 weeks yesterday.  So, 8 wks, until we are considered term.   Starting to get to that point of thinking about labor.  Uhg.  When I start thinking of labor, I get that WTF did I get myself into again?  Haha  Hopefully it goes fast with no complications.  But, I know, fast or not, its going to hurt.  LOL

Kiss those babies!!!


~IM~ said...

oh my goodness time sure is moving along VERY quickly!

JJ said...

I am totally freaking out about getting this baby out. Amazing how when you're so focused on getting it 'in', you don't even give this part a second thought!

Happy 30th week, we're both on the finishing straight!