Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wait!! You mean I am not dying?

So, after my pity party the other night, things are much better.  Tuesday night was a very long night.  Many, many tears.  Gregg came home from work to find me having a cry fest in the bath tub.  :)  I just felt so crappy, and after feeling so crappy for 4 days, I was done.  D O N E. 
Then was up all night with acid reflux.  Tums, zantac, nothing helped. 

Finally, yesterday morning I took a zantac and went to bed.  Slept great for a couple of hours.  Decided I would only eat toast all day to try and figure out what I could eat.  My diet for diabetes goes against my diet for gall stones.  So, for me getting all high and mighty with having the diabetes stuff taken care of just came back and slapped me hard across the face.  So, baby steps.  Toast.  Plus, Gregg grounded me to the house.  The words I got before he left for work were, "Just sit there."  Haha.  Then he left Alex in charge.  You would think he knew me better than that.  LOL

But, yesterday was good.  No tears all day.  :)  Yesterday was doable.  Tuesday I was at the end of my rope.  Can't do this anymore.  Yesterday, different story.  Ok, we can do this!! 

Still having issues with acid reflux.  Which I think is part of the problem with the gall bladder stuff.  I have been taking Zantac, or Pepcid every 12 hours.  Well, I think its affecting my gall bladder from doing its job.  KWIM? 

Cross your fingers!!  :)

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Roz said...

Oh J, I am so sorry you are really going through it! It all sounds terrible and I sort of know what it feels like to be D O N E lately. You are so strong, stronger than you think and you are in reality, so close to the finish line. Not that it feels like it i know, but you really are. One day at a time and hope that things improve.x